Street Urchins

Whilst their mother Kitty is out earning a living her children, Harriet, Annabel and Oscar (known collectively as ‘the urchins’) can be found roaming the streets, causing trouble and entertaining themselves with other urchins they meet on their adventures. There is no school for the children and no real hope for a better life.

However, they’re the lucky ones, they’ve survived infancy. They fashion toys out of whatever they can get their hands on and while they play they watch those around them. They’ve learnt the pickpocketing skills they see each day and have learnt how to work together to con unsuspecting wealthy people.

Our resident undefeated prize fighter 'Lee Thomas' is a professionally trained fighter, able to choreograph fights and tailor bouts. With the use of special FX and carefully planned sparring matches the audience is drawn in and captivated by the thrill of the fight and the anticipation of what may happen next.