'Slogger' Rose Buckley

Born in the mining villages of the North East Midlands, Rose was barely an adult when she ran to the city and took to the streets. Selling whatever goods she could acquire, she soon flourished as a coster girl, finding her naturally large hands meant for large lots, making here a popular choice amongst buyers. They also became a winning combination in bare knuckle fights over ale and she soon earned the notorious name of 'Slogger Rose'.


It was not long after moving to the city she met 'Saltbox' Thomas, a mean spirited man, who was well known to the authorities for his dishonest and violent activities.


Though a volatile mix, Rose soon became his common law wife and bore him several children, of which only 2 have survived. A formidable pair, many have attempted to overthrow their dominance amongst the lower-classes, only to find their own flame snuffed out. 


'Rosie' (as she is known to her more intimate acquaintances) will unscrupulously do whatever is necessary, to survive the slums she's found herself in. And although fatigued by the life she now leads, one thing's for sure, 'Slogger' will continue to fight for her survival…..