Samson (Gypsy)

In the year 1810, a gypsy woman gave birth to a strapping boy, kissing him on the forehead before she died, she named him Samson. Taken into his tribe, Samson was raised by his "Aunts and Uncles" to be a big, strong, healthy young man, fighting his way through life in order to survive, as often is the case with orphans.


At the age of 15, Samson's tribe merged with another, and it was there he met his true love Gypsy B. Being only 10 years of age and deemed untouchable, Samson’s frustrations and lust for this girl only grew stronger and he knew that one day, she would be his.

Hiding their friendship for three long years, their passion for each other eventually erupted and in the dizzy heat of a summer’s night, with camp fires burning and music playing, Samson and Gypsy B threw caution to the wind and gave-in to their burning desires, losing themselves in each other’s touch.

Neither heard the approach of Gypsy B's father until it was too late. Samson was hauled away and it was clear from the virgin blood upon B’s undergarments that the tribe had been dishonoured!


Cursed to bear no children, they were outcast by their tribe and set off South with a cart and few blankets.

Living a simple life together, they are happy and free, working the farms in the summer months and resting in London during the winter. Samson enters and usually wins, every prizefight he comes across, earning them good coin. Whilst Gypsy B tells fortunes with her cards to anyone rich enough and stupid enough to sit beside her.