Thomas Archer  'Saltbox'

Born and bred in St Phillips Marsh, Bristol. Thomas was one of identical twins, growing up in the filth and degradation of an inner city. At a young age the Bristol docks offered many opportunities for the two boys to work, and hard graft shaped Thomas into a tough reprobate, not to be messed with. Never afraid of taking whatever he wants. His talents as an unyielding thug soon became apparent and many a gentleman have used his ability to, unofficially, contract Thomas to assist them in matters of persuasion.


However, in what could be deemed as a strange twist of fate, his twin brother enrolled into Sir Peel's service and is entrusted to uphold the law. It's not known as to whether the brothers are still close as they are never seen together, though there have never been any rumours of them ever having an altercation.   


Thomas is not all that unfamiliar with the law himself, for he can often be found in the company of a peeler and in gaol for fighting and petty theft. Many a man would have surely been hung or transported for the severity and frequency of his crimes, but each time he's faced the judge, a questionable month or 2 in gaol has been the outcome. Could his brother or his affiliation with the gentry be keeping him from the noose?


One thing we have undoubtedly ascertained is that 'Saltbox', as he's now more infamously referred to, has spent many hours in the cells he's now named after and that for every stint he's served, he's been released onto the streets, meaner and more certifiable than before.