Interested in England's, early, Victorian era? Want to know more about how the common man lived and died in the age of the Industrial revolution? Then put the kettle on, put your feet up, and digest just a few of our favourite reads.



‘London labour and the London poor’ Vol 1- 4, Henry Mayhew, 1849-1851 (1861)

ISBN - Vol 1: 9781605207339 >More information<
ISBN - Vol 2: 9781605207353 >More information<
ISBN - Vol 3: 9781605207377 >More information<
ISBN - Vol 4: 9781605207391 >More information<



‘Curiosities of London life’, Charles Manby Smith, (1853)

ISBN – 9781409966494 >More information<


‘The little world of London, or Pictures in little of London life’, Charles Manby Smith, (1857)

ISBN – 9781409966500 >More information<


‘The Rookeries of London’, Thomas Beames, (1852)

ISBN – 9781409965718 >More information<


‘Picturesque sketches of London’, Thomas Miller, (1852)

ISBN – 9781331587958 >More information<


‘Saunterings In and About London’, Max Schlesinger (1852)

ISBN – 978-1500837068 >More information<


‘London cries and public edifices’, John Leighton, (1851)

ISBN – 9781173335526 >More information<


‘London Shadows’, George Godwin, (1854)

ISBN – 9781409965794 >More information<


‘Sinks of London laid open’, George Cruikshank, (1848)

ISBN – 978-1406827699  >More information<


‘London by day and night; Or What I saw in London; Or Men and things in the great Metropolis’

David W. Bartlett, (1852), ISBN – 9781331186694 >More information<


‘Vagabondiana’, John Thomas Smith, 1874 (Illustrations 1815-1820)

ISBN – 9781241320034 >More information<


‘Labour and the poor in England and Wales 1849-1851 : Vol 1 Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire’

The Morning Chronicles, edited by Jules Ginswick ISBN – 0714640387 >More information<


‘Labour and the poor in England and Wales 1849-1851 : Vol 2 Northumberland & Durham, Staffordshire – The Midlands’

The Morning Chronicles, edited by Jules Ginswick ISBN – 0714640395 >More information<


‘Conditions of the working class in England in 1844’, Frederick Engels, (1844)

ISBN - 978-1544965314 >More information<


‘Ragged London in 1861’, John Hollingshead

ISBN – 9781446521762 >More information<


‘A history of the cries of London’, Charles Hindley, (1881)

ISBN – 9781108036382 >More information<


‘The working-mans way in the world’, Charles Manby Smith, (1854)

ISBN -  978-1116346985 >More information<


‘The criminal prisons of London & scenes of prison life (1862)’, Henry Mayhew, John Binney

ISBN – 9781169823860 >More information<


‘1851: or, The adventures of Mr & Mrs Sandboys & family, who came up to London to “enjoy themselves” and to see the Great Exhibition’, Henry Mayhew, George Cruikshank

ISBN - 978-1447465348 >More information<


‘Dore's London: All 180 Illustrations from London, a Pilgrimage’, Gustave Dore, (1870-76)

ISBN - 978-0486432724 >More information<


‘Gavarni in London; sketches of life and character, with illustrative essays by popular writers (1849)’,
Paul Gavarni, Albert Smith, Benno Loery

ISBN – 1289630224 >More information<


‘George scharf’s London 1820-50’, Peter Jackson

ISBN – 0719543797 >More information<


‘Hill & Adamson’s ‘The fishermen & women of the Firth of Forth’’, Sara Stevenson

ISBN – 0903598159 >More information<


‘Victorian working women – Portraits from life’, Michael Hiley

ISBN - 978-0860920335 >More information<


‘The Victorian city  ‘Everyday life in Dicken’s London’’, Judith Flanders

ISBN – 9781848877955 >More information<


‘A Visitors guide to Victorian England’, Michelle Higgs

ISBN – 1781592837 >More information<


‘The world for a shilling – How the Great Exhibition of 1851 shaped a nation’, Michael Leapman

ISBN – 978-0747270126 >More information<


‘Pickpocket Beggars and Ratcatchers in the Victorian Underworld’, Kellow Chesney

ISBN - 978-0851170022 >More information<


‘Ragged London – the life of London’s poor’, Michael Fitzgerald

ISBN – 9780752460055 >More information<


‘Victorian London – the life of a city 1840-1870’, Liza Picard

ISBN – 9780753820902 >More information<


‘The children history forgot – young workers of the industrial age’, Sue Wilkes

ISBN – 9780709089728 >More information<


‘The secrets world of the Victorian Lodging house’, Joseph O’Neill

ISBN – 1781593930 >More information<


‘Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth’, Lee Jackson

ISBN - 978-0300192056 >More information<


‘The Policemans Lot’, Mervyn Mitton

ISBN - 978-0907621508 >More information<


‘Bombers, Rioters and Police Killers: Violent Crime and Disorder in Victorian Britain’, Simon Webb

ISBN - 978-1473827189 >More information<


Charles Dickens

‘David Copperfield’, ISBN - 978-1853260247 >More information<
‘A tale of two cities’, ISBN - 978-1853260391 >More information<
‘A Christmas carol’, ISBN - 978-1840227567 >More information<
‘Great Expectations’, ISBN - 978-1853260049  >More information<
‘Nicholas Nickleby’, ISBN - 978-1853262647 >More information<
‘Oliver Twist’, ISBN - 978-1853260124 >More information<
‘Barnaby Rudge’, ISBN - 978-1853267390 >More information<
‘Bleak house’, ISBN - 978-1853260827 >More information<
‘The old curiosity shop’, ISBN - 978-1853262449  >More information<
‘Hard times’, ISBN - 978-1853262326 >More information<
‘Dombey & Son’, ISBN - 978-1853262579 >More information<
‘Martin Chuzzlewit’, ISBN - 978-1853262050 >More information<

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