Billy Boy (Rat Catcher)

Born in Bristol and the eldest son of 'Saltbox' and 'Slogger Rose'.
Billy is a well known 'Dromedary' (clumsy young thief) and, much to the disappointment of his father, he's already spent a couple of stints in gaol for pick pocketing 'Billy's' (handkerchieves) and has taken many a beating for his incompetence.


He's recently been seen earning an honest living, catching rats and selling them to the highest bidder, usually landlords with rat pits, though occasionally the local pie maker will take them off his hands.


On the surface Billy's activities seem honest enough, but rumour has it he's becoming an excellent 'cracksman' (door opener), which he found he had natural talent for whilst tracking and catching vermin. This has more than made-up for his earlier failings and his father looks to be encouraging the activity, in his own desire for taking what isn't his.