Period Entertainment

Are you up to scratch?


Prize fighting was a popular entertainment amongst the lower classes, though gone were the days of a fair fight and an innocent wager. Fights lasted hours and a win, could literally determine life or death of a fighter. However, the thrill of this illegal gathering would draw people for miles to watch it and though times were hard and money scarce, that wouldn't deter a Victorian looking to make a shilling or two, on a sure thing.

Experience the thrill of a Victorian prize fight and expect the unexpected. Revel in excitement as the fighter's battle it out to become the last man standing! 

Our resident undefeated prize fighter 'Lee Thomas' is a professionally trained fighter, able to choreograph fights and tailor bouts. With the use of special FX and carefully planned sparring matches the audience is drawn in and captivated by the thrill of the fight and the anticipation of what may happen next.