Matilda 'Matty' Butcher

Matilda was one of three sisters and born at a "Manse" in 1795. Her father was a clergyman of the Weslyan faith, in the small town of Pirbright, Surrey. In her early years, she enjoyed a rather privileged life, within her strict religious family. In her teenage years, she discovered a more adventurous time could be had out of town and away from the constraints of her upbringing.


Friendships were forged with other girls seeking excitement and good times. These friendships were enduring, as she became skilled in cheating and thieving. Although at this time, confidence tricks were becoming her main source of income. Being considered rather "well to do" by her peers, enabled Matilda to continue her escapades to make a good living. That is until she was swindled herself, by other swindlers.


Left destitute, Matty took up with, George Butcher, also known widely as "Butch", a complete down-and-out wanderer and a man not adverse to crime himself. Eventually marrying George (probably as part of another swindle), Matty hoped to regain some amount of normality in her life.

Unfortunately though, now drinking heavily, with scheme after scheme failing. The couple now rely on handouts and small amounts of criminal activity, to merely existing on the streets. They can also often, shamelessly, be found at the door of the workhouse.