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The 'Ragged Victorians' take pride in the knowledge they have (and are still accumulating) on the early Victorian period. We also feel strongly about sharing our findings and re-educating the masses in a unconventional, relaxed environment.


"An idle brain is the devil's workshop". (H.G. Bohn, _Hand-Book of Proverbs_, 1855)


By Val Czerny (Published May 2017)


Findings from our very own 'Ragged Victorian' Policeman, accumulated and presented in this 100+ page article. Available for free download.  

"Gypsies in England, c1851"

By Beverley Lester-Card (Published February 2017)


Follow our 'Ragged Victorian' Gypsies journey, as they uncover what the life of a Victorian gypsy entailed. Discover how they turned that knowledge into a real life portrayal. Available for free download.

"Coins of England c1851"

By Lenny Thomas (Published May 2015)


With this article we clarify what coins were in circulation and which would be commonplace, c1851. Available for free download.

"The 'New poor law' [14th August 1834]"


The Act stated that no able-bodied person was to receive money or any other help from the Poor Law authorities except from inside a workhouse.

"Parliamentary Acts effecting the early Victorians"


The 'Ragged Victorians' continue to research the contents of the above subject matter and may occasionally make revisions to articles as and when necessary. We are committed to authenticity and with the right provenance are more than ready to receive any information anyone might have to forward.

"Map Of London 1851 - Cross's London Guide"


Ever wondered what the streets of London looked liked in 1851? Now you don't have too, with this handy street directory designed by Jospeph Cross, for the visitors of the Great Exhibition

"Recommended reads"


With a huge library of books on the subject of the early Victorians, and many more on what was happening before and after, our knowledge base still continues to steadily grow. Here's a few of our favourite reads on the subject.