George 'Butch' Butcher

Born February 1795 at "Mays Farm" Berkshire, in one of the coldest winters known to man. The child only just survived from the warmth of the cows in the family cowshed. Georges childhood was uneventful. He spent long hours working on the dairy farm, longing for better days. In his youth he was well known for his fighting ability, taking on all comers and sometimes losing badly.


Seeing no future for himself on the farm, leaving to make his fame and fortune elsewhere was an easy decision. Like many, Butch headed for the city. He soon fell into bad company and even worse ways, drinking, thieving and fighting. After one such fight, he spent a few years in Bodmin Gaol after an opponent was badly injured by a brick!


When he met the young Matilda McMillan, he soon changed his life and seemingly became a respectable married man. Unfortunately though, after several business ventures failing, he and his wife were forced to the streets to survive. Falling back to his bad old ways, they now consort within the lower class establishments, gaining no advance to sobriety or a better way of life.  

Bryn Payson, who created this impression sadly passed away in 2020. He will forever be remembered as 'Butch' and be a Ragged Victorian. RIP.