Adam Archer

Born in Bristol and the youngest son of 'Saltbox' and 'Slogger Rose', Adam has a keen eye for a mark.

As a young child, he would often be seen with a crutch under his arm and along with his virtuous gaze, he'd persuade the gullible to take pity on his poor soul, earning him a penny or two for his troubles.


Joining a gang of crossing sweeps and frequently in the company of known pick pockets and swindlers, Adam occasionally ventures into crime. Though luckily, his gift for the gab and quick wits has, so far, kept him from the court house.


His vain attempts to go straight have included cracking the shells of walnuts and selling the nuts within for a meagre sum, 'boot black boy' and 'rag picking' scraps of material to sell to the paper mills.


It must noted though, that for all Adams attempts at an honest living, with 'Saltbox' as his father, it seems only a matter of time before he starts to tread the formidable path of crime once again.